Improved Filtering on Activities List - Web

To help you better organize your team's Activity on Web, we've introduced a new way to filter and sort Activity.

To Access Activities List

  1. Select "Plan" from the Navigation Bar
  2. Select "Activities" from the dropdown menu

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 1.51.48 PM.png

To filter Activities, use the drop-downs at the top of the list view:

Filter by Activity

  • All Activities
  • Incomplete Activities
  • Completed Activities
  • Public Activities
  • Overdue Activities

Filter by User

  • Unassigned
  • All Users
  • Select User(s)

Filter by Object

  • Companies
  • People
  • Deals

To sort Activities, use the Sort symbol at the top right of the list:

Sort by

  • Date Created: Oldest First
  • Date Created: Newest First
  • Date of Event: Oldest First
  • Date of Event: Newest First

Quick Actions - Mobile

With Quick Actions, the Map My Customers mobile app will automatically log an activity record when a rep selects a quick action like:

  • Email
  • Call
  • Route

This allows reps to keep up with their administrative work with almost no effort and ensures clean data practices for the entire team, helping you to burn through your call lists in no time.

semiautoactivities (1).png

To use Quick Actions:

  • When you interact with records, you’ll see small icons to Call, Email or Route to an account
  • Click the desired action
  • MMC will give you an option to perform the action and simultaneously log an activity record, or you can opt-out
  • The Call, Email or Route activity will be saved and associated with the company or person

Check-Ins - Mobile

Want to log a visit quickly with accurate information?

With Check-Ins, you will be able to create a new activity with auto-filled information in seconds — making it another way we help you to spend less time catching up on data entry.

checkin-homescreen (1).jpg

To use Check-Ins:

  • Tap "Check-In" from the mobile home screen
  • The app will auto-generate an activity based on your location
  • Tap to verify the assigned company is correct
  • Once verified, you can immediately take notes or save the record for later.

Offline Capabilities - Mobile

With offline capabilities, even when cell service is spotty and wi-fi is unavailable, you can still create records. This means you'll be organized no matter where you are.

  • Create up to 100 records on a single offline mode session
  • Associate offline records with existing companies and people
  • Once you're back online, your new records will automatically save to the cloud


Note: You must enable this feature via the Settings screen inside the app.

Improvements to Filtering - Web

Sorting Companies and People with Filters has never been easier.

On Companies and People list view, quickly apply filters on the same screen as the list itself.

Filtering allows you to stay organized and focus on certain companies based on:

  • Any field such as Name, City or another custom field
  • Radius (distance from your current location)
  • Groups


To Filter by Field:

  • Hover over the desired field located at the top of the table (e.g. Name, City, Postal Code) to reveal the Filter Symbol.
  • Click the symbol to specify your desired constraints
  • Click "Apply" to apply the filter

You can also filter by Radius and Group using the tool on the left-hand side of the screen.

This update to filtering is the first of many improvements we are making to filtering and viewing records in the web application.

New Company Record View (Preview)

We're also introducing a new view for Company Records so you can see more information in one place.

Please note, this new view is in preview mode only. Access by navigating to a Company Record and clicking "Try New Record View" in the top-right of your screen.


  • In the center of your screen: Easily view recent activities and notes involving the selected companies. Plus, sort by time frame and activity type.
  • On the left side: View important information like pin color, owner and location.
  • On the right side: View associated people, deals, related companies, groups, routes and files.

This new company record layout provides better insight for you to understand the context of a company at a glance.

Try it out today!

Introducing the New Web Dashboard

Easily surface your team's sales data with the new Field Dashboard.

Be welcomed to the web application with a display of all your reps' and team activities from one centralized and organized view.

This is helpful for you to see a quick snapshot of the day from the home page, either for yourselves or the entire team:

  • View upcoming activities
  • See recently added companies
  • Explore charts displaying activities by rep and type
  • Watch deals and sales funnels
  • View most recent locations of the entire team

Our dashboard makes it easier than ever to understand your top performing reps and the activities that get them ahead.

Plus — see your reps' locations!


UI/UX Improvements - Mobile

We've introduced a few small UI/UX improvements to make your mobile application experience more intuitive.

You'll notice several changes to buttons across the app, as well as helpful icons to better user understanding.

Image from iOS (6).png

Image from iOS (4).png

Edit / View Mode - Mobile

Never accidentally make changes to a record again. Within a mobile record, tap into the new "Details" tab to edit the Company, Person, Deal or Activity and follow these steps:


  • First, navigate to the new "Details" tab
  • Tap "Edit"
  • Edit fields, like name and phone number, as normal
  • Remember to tap "Save" in the top right corner

This simple change will ensure your data is clean by avoiding any undesired edits.

New Record View - Mobile

Tired of scrolling to access the most important details of a record? So are we.

With the new mobile view mode of Companies, Records and Deals, you'll see fewer empty fields. Plus, you'll see the most important information first.


  • Top of Screen: View important information and complete tasks in a tap.
  • Activities Tab: View and manage your upcoming activities, notes and files.
  • Relationships Tab: View and manage associated records like Parent Companies.
  • Details Tab: View all custom fields and make edits to the record.

This compact and organized view will allow for a higher level of understanding of your customers, especially by highlighting how different record types relate and connect.