Simplified Import

The importing process has been upgraded to give you a more guided experience when updating your data. This includes being able to easily access your Import ID.

MMC ID/ Import ID

An MMC ID (or Import ID) is the ID we assign to every record created in our system. This ID allows you to better update your records, giving you better data.

You can now easily find your MMC ID or Import ID when exporting a report. To create a report with MMC ID, Go to "Reports" and then press "+ Create New".

If you want to update your Accounts

Create a report for Accounts. Name the report and give it a description. For fields, select "Import ID". The report will then include each accounts' Import ID.


When updating any previous accounts in Map My Customers, make sure to match the account to its correct Import ID in your CSV.

Then during importing process, select the option "Create new accounts and Update existing accounts with imported information."

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 5.17.48 PM.png